It's time to get better

Physiokinetic are open for Face to Face (F2F) appointments at both of our clinics. 

All of our clinicians have received both of their Covid vaccinations and booster.

Remote Appointments using telephone, Skype and Zoom are also available at Physiokinetic.


Welcome to Physiokinetic. Our aim is simple - to provide all of our customers with a first class experience in the management of their injuries and pain.

Our team of physiotherapists, at the University of Birmingham and in Birmingham city centre, have extensive experience in treating all kinds of musculoskeletal injuries, whether they are sports/hobby related, work related, or have just developed without obvious cause.

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Always consistent

No matter what the injury, you can expect the same high level of expertise and care every time you see one of our team.

Clinically effective

Expect to receive treatment that reflects the latest in evidence based medicine and is used in professional sport.

Cost effective

Make the most of your investment by receiving the most effective treatment for your long term recovery.


We will provide a diagnosis & cause (where possible), recovery timescales and a guide on how much treatment you might need.


We love our job at Physiokinetic and take pride in achieving the best outcomes for our patients - let us help you to get better!