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Never Stop Moving Forward!

Never Stop Moving Forward!

As you may know, Physiokinetic recently moved out of its first home at The County Ground, Edgbaston.  Our principal home and registered office since 2003, this was quite a moment for the company.  The need for more space for Warwickshire’s Coaching Staff and no suitable replacement space on the Ground meant a new beginning for Physiokinetic.  Thankfully, I am lucky to have the support of a number of positive, successful people who provided some great advice, namely to look at this as an opportunity to improve the business. 

A chance conversation with a client resulted in an offer of a new home, and 6 weeks later, we are here – at Crosby Court in the City Centre.  The outcome is a bigger, more functionally useful space in a lovely Grade II listed building.  With free car parking for clients and less than 10 minutes walk to Colmore Row, it was an offer that was hard to refuse.  It is a place which will allow us to grow and offers a great alternative location to our sister practice at The University of Birmingham. 

We will be able to offer new services including Soft Tissue Therapy (sports/remedial massage), a new mini-SuperSpines class, a foot drills class for the running (and other sporting) community and a series of evening lectures on a variety of sporting topics which we feel will be of interest to our client base.

With our University Clinic relocating into the purpose built £55million University sports facility (with improved parking!) early next year, Physiokinetic is definitely moving in the right direction!

There are a number of stories of professional athletes who are injured but use the time to enhance other areas of their game/skill set whilst recovering, resulting in them returning to their sport better than they were before. The opportunity to make positive changes (albeit enforced) is a concept I can relate to well in our situation.   It was a wrench to leave our first home, but now 6 weeks after finding Crosby Court, it would be hard to go back. 

Please contact Emma on 0121 440 7736 or  for appointments at both Physiokinetic clinics.

Mike Gosling continues to work as Warwickshire County Cricket Club 2nd XI Physiotherapist.



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