Thats a good pain

by Dan Atkinson

Is pain a good or bad thing? 

Most of our clients will be seeking pain relief. We aim to help every one of them improve these symptoms as quickly as possible. 

But is pain a bad thing?

Pain is a sensation, a feeling. It is a complex myriad of neurological information mixed with emotional overtones that allows us to interact with our environment.

Pain can be protective. When pain is working for us it protects us from harming out bodies. Touching hot water sends an impulse to the brain, the brain then quickly remembers what touching hot things has done to us in the past and produces a feeling which we then feel in the end of our finger. Certain reactions can take place and we move our finger away. All the important things happen in the brain. Pain being helpful. 

Pain can also be too sensitive. A Myriad of complex processes that sometimes listens to emotion too much. If we have had an injury to our elbow. It’s been hurting every time we move it for weeks; the brain becomes overly protective of the area and can prioritise painful signals in the elbow. We stop moving the elbow because we don’t like the feeling of this pain. It gets worse. sometimes you need to be told its ok to feel pain, it’s just a sensation, remove the fear and emotion. Suddenly the pain feels better, we move out elbow more, it gets better. 

Pain can be a nice sensation. Classic physio tactics. You have had achy pain in your neck. The physio finds a way to work on that area and cause a deep more intensive pain over that same area……that feels nice! The other pain then seems less bothersome. Causing pain to change pain! By pressing and pushing a sensation is created, you are not scared or worried about this sensation because the physio knows what they are doing, the brain is ok with that. Different nerve fibres are conducting the sensation too, the brain doesn’t mind that either, it’s a good pain! 

So, remember, pain is a sensation and a feeling. Its isn’t always logical! 

Enjoy the rest of the week and keep the clouds away!