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Strength and Conditioning (S & C) 

Strength and conditioningStrength & conditioning (S&C) is the design and delivery of sport specific training programmes created to meet specific metabolic and biomechanical needs. The role of the S&C coach is to bridge the gap between the theory of training and applied training, helping athletes to become faster, stronger and more flexible and to build their muscular endurance so they perform better and remain injury free.

Strength & conditioning is not just about lifting weights - it encompasses everything the athlete needs to improve physical performance. This includes plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability, with strength training being just one piece of the jigsaw. 

For further information or to book an appointment with a member of the team, please contact +44 (0)121 414 8073.

S & C and Physiokinetic – a vital partnership

We at Physiokinetic work closely with the Strength and Conditioning team at the University of Birmingham.  They have an important role to play in returning athletes from injury to full participation in their sport, as they can ensure that full strength has been restored in a sporting context.  This means that the athlete has been strengthened/rehabilitated with their sporting function in mind, accounting for the types of movements and forces they are going to encounter.  Their S & C program will also be aiming to make them more robust and resilient to further injury.  

We have a fantastic working relationship with the S & C team, providing a ‘joined up thinking’ environment for the athlete.  This means everyone is aware of the injury issues and specifics for any particular athlete, allowing for the best possible service and outcome.

These services are available to any Physiokinetic patient who wants to improve their sporting performance or reduce their injury risk.  For more information, speak to your Physiokinetic Physio or call 0121 440 7736 for more information.


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