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Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG TreadmillMaintaining its position as a leading institution for sports science and medicine, the team at UBSport Hi Performance Centre are proud to announce the arrival of their newest equipment – the Alter G treadmill.

The treadmill uses an inflatable bubble to enable users to walk and run in a reduced gravity environment, thus lowering  impact forces through the lower limb and spine, reducing long term injury risk and reducing time to return to running post injury.

Used by Britain’s sporting elite, including Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe, the Alter G was originally designed by experts at NASA. Using an Alter G allows athletes to increase volume without the additional injury risk, and recover faster in-between sessions

Sporting performance

The Alter G has many benefits for our local running and triathlon community as well as any other land-based sport involving running or requiring cardiovascular fitness . Running in an off-loaded environment reduces the load on the lower extremities which has several benefits:

• Increased mileage without the injury risk

• Return to activity sooner after an injury

• Increase top speed

• Maintain speed/intensity, even when injured, without worsening the condition.

The Alter G at UBSport is the top of the range performance model, capable of reaching speeds that will push even the most accomplished runner.


Working in conjunction with the Physiokinetic team, the Alter G will literally help you get back on your feet sooner.

The Alter G reduces your body weight by up to 80%, therefore reducing the load on your lower extremity.  Patients find they can return to activity sooner without the pain experienced with full body loading.

The benefits of this are twofold: loading the affected area safely (e.g. in hip replacements where patients are asked to walk as soon as practical) whilst establishing a normal gait pattern (which is the first goal of rehab).

Typical scenarios include:

• Post orthopaedic surgery

• Neurological conditions including loss of balance and stroke

• Post injury including stress fracture

• Restoration of normal gait

The Alter G uses a sealed system so is a safe environment for clients who aren’t as mobile, or need assistance with their balance. A great confidence booster!


Elderly and obese populations are welcome to use this excellent facility. The enclosed nature of the Alter G provides for a safe environment for all, and the state of the art technology will determine the amount of weight reduction required.

The Alter G may be especially suitable for those clients who don’t wish to commence fully loaded running due to excessive weight. The Alter G may be a suitable alternative to increasing aerobic conditioning, without the negative consequences of high impacts and loading during normal running.

NB there is a maximum weight allowance of 400 pounds.

To find out more, contact the Hi Performance Centre on 0121 414 8583, email or go to the Hi Performance AlterG Web page


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